The Mid-Season finale opens with an eerie pan of Sam’s bedroom to Nick Lucas’ “Tiptoe Though The Tulips.” Sam draws (himself?) tied to a tree with walkers around him. An army of ants makes their way down his windowsill to a half-eaten sandwich lying on the ground. Something’s clearly wrong with Sam.

The bell tower plummets through Alexandria’s wall allowing a horde of walkers to breach the community. Chaos befalls Alexandria: Carol and Morgan fight their way inside a house, Rick assists an injured Deanna, and Maggie makes a dramatic escape from walkers to a watch point. Eugene hears Daryl on the walkie-talkie and says, “Help” (that answers that question). Tara and Rosita save him as they barricade themselves in a garage. Jessie takes Rick, Deanna, Carl, Ron, Michonne, and Father Gabriel into her house for safety and walkers comprise Alexandria.



Glenn and Enid watch walkers pour into Alexandria from a safe distance. Enid acts hopeless but Glenn reminds her their friends, including his PREGNANT wife (he knew all along!) are still in there. Meanwhile, Jessie barges into Sam’s room and demands he turn off the music and close the blinds. Sam’s in a fog around the chaos.


Carol expresses to Morgan she trusts him the least but puts aside her differences to let him help her. Denise, who’s holed up with the Wolf prisoner, laments she can’t help the injured Alexandrians. The Wolf explains he didn’t kill people, he was “freeing” them (like Morgan was “clearing” them). While inspecting his wound, Denise whole-heatedly tells the Wolf he can change.


Deanna, who’s been bitten, admits to Michonne she’s happy with how her life turned out and Michonne should discover HER purpose as well. Meanwhile, Ron and Carl fight in Jessie’s garage after Ron calls out Rick for being a killer. The walkers hear the argument and break into the garage. Rick and Michonne save them just in time and Carl lies about the fight. Carl takes Ron’s gun and reminds him his dad “was an asshole.”


Rick almost kills Deanna when he discovers her playing with Judith. Becoming worse by the second, Deanna asks Rick to look after Spencer and reminds him everyone in Alexandria are now his people. Meanwhile, Rosita ponders if Alexandria (and Abraham) are finished. Nearby, Carol blindsides Morgan, steals his keys, and locates the Wolf’s “cell.” Morgan quickly catches up and tries to dissuade her from killing the Wolf. “I will kill you so I can kill him…because I don’t want anyone else to die,” Carol (let’s say) reasons. The Wolf, amused by this exchange, eggs her on and says they’re “all going to die.” Suddenly, Morgan knocks the knife from Carol’s hands and they exchange blows. Morgan body slams Carol to the ground, which allows the Wolf to take advantage and steal the knife. Denise begs him not the kill her friends as Tara, Rosita, and Eugene discover them. Per his instructions, they slide over their weapons and the Wolf takes Denise outside.


Walkers finally break into Jessie’s house as the gang retreats upstairs. Separated by only a couch on the stairway, Rick devises a plan to get the gang to the armory by gutting walkers and making poncho (like Atlanta). “Anyone who stays here is going to die,” Rick warns. Michonne informs Deanna they’re going to leave her behind, which she accepts. “I’m ready,” Deanna replies. Jessie applies the guts to her sheets and explains to Sam they have to go. “Just pretend you’re brave,” she pleads. Father Gabriel vows to Rick to be brave and not turn back out there. Carl covers Judith in a baby walker poncho as the group makes their way downstairs undetected by the walkers. Glenn and Enid discover Maggie trapped on a watchtower as Deanna decides to take out some walkers before she dies. The gang makes their way outside and hand-by-hand walk through the masses. Sam starts calling out “Mom” to Jessie repeatedly as we fade to black.


Coda: Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham drive the truck down the road only to discover a motorcycle gang blocking their path. The main biker threatens them to exit the truck. They do and he demands they hand over their weapons. When they question him he explains, “They’re not yours. Your property now belongs to Negan.”

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