Something They Need

The cat’s out of the bag – Tara finally tells Rick about Oceanside and their grand armory. Needing guns to make good on their deal with the Scavengers, Tara escorts Rick & the crew to the secret community of women and children, where they plan to steal their weapons. Michonne gets in position at lookout, Aaron and Eric find time to argue, and Daryl and Jesus set dynamite around the perimeter.


Meanwhile at the Sanctuary, Sasha’s nearly sexually assaulted by a Savior (David) until Negan arrives. He realizes what David was about to do, warns he has zero tolerance for rape, and stabs him in the neck. He then realizes he recognizes Sasha, hands her his knife, and tells her she could help him run The Sanctuary someday. Later, Eugene tries convincing her to join The Saviors, but she sends him away.


The next day at The Hilltop, Gregory tries to make peace with Maggie, who advises him it’s never too late to change. He briefly considers killing her while her back’s turned but decides against it. Suddenly, a walker attacks Gregory and he begs Maggie to save him, which of course she does (it’s obvious he’s somehow avoided dealing with walkers up close until that moment).


Tara infiltrates Oceanside, holds Natania and Cindy at gunpoint, and reveals she needs their guns to fight The Saviors. Natania takes too long to agree and the dynamite detonates around the community. Daryl and the others round up the Oceanside community while Natania and Sidney overtake Tara. Natania arrives to the action with a gun to Tara’s head and demands Rick and his people leave. Michonne has her rife trained on Netania’s head in case sh*t goes down.

Tara tries convincing them again to join their war against The Saviors but Natalia refuses. Suddenly, a horde of walkers arrive, Sidney pistol whips Natalia, and Rick’s group unites with Oceanside to decimate the undead together. Despite their seamless cooperation, Natalia instructs Rick’s group to take their guns and leave, which they do. Meanwhile at The Hilltop, Gregory packs his bags.


Back at The Sanctuary, Sasha agrees to help broker peace between Negan and Rick’s groups. “Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day,” he warns her. Later, Eugene tells Sasha she made the right choice but she asks him to help her kill herself so she’s NOT used against Rick’s group. The next day, Eugene reluctantly slips Sasha a poison pill.


That night, Rick and the gang return to Alexandria with their new guns and Rosita informs them, “There’s someone here.” She escorts them to the jail cell, where Dwight is sitting quietly. Daryl launches at him but Rick holds him back. Rosita tells them he wants to help them, so Rick holds a gun to Dwight’s head and demands, “Get on your knees.”

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