Our seasonal tour of The Walking Dead communities continues as we find ourselves at The Hilltop where Maggie’s recovering. Dr. Carson assures her the baby’s fine and she heads out to Glenn’s grave to mourn with Sasha and Jesus. Gregory shows up to question Maggie about The Saviors and suggests she leave for getting into trouble with them. Jesus explains they’re both from Alexandria and Gregory suggests them being there will only bring The Hilltop more trouble. He decides they can stay the night but must leave in the morning. Meanwhile, it seems like everyone’s leaving Alexandria. Rick and Aaron set out for a supply run, Michonne leaves on her own, and Carl tags along with Enid as they journey to The Hilltop.

That night Maggie and Sasha awake to find a herd of walkers invading The Hilltop while orchestral music dramatically blasts through a locked car. Maggie directs Jesus and the guards to close the gates and save Sasha. As they try to open the car Maggie drives through the yard with a tractor and steamrolls over the car, finally silencing the song that attracted the walkers. It’s clear this was all an elaborate trap The Saviors set to send a message.

The following day The Saviors, led by Simon, show up at The Hilltop to collect their half. Jesus hides Maggie and Sasha and welcomes the Saviors inside. Full of bravado, Simon tells Gregory his Hilltop men were too soft for The Saviors and are now dead at the hands of Rick’s group. After some more alpha male talk Simon asks if there’s anything he wants to tell him and Gregory decides to sell out Maggie and Sasha. He opens the closet he thought they were hiding in and discover they’re gone. Gregory improvises and offers Simon the booze that IS in the closet. Simon gladly takes it, thanks Gregory for the gift, and informs him his men will begin taking half of their belongings. As a cherry on top Simon demands that Gregory kneel for him. He does and Simon pats him on the head.


Meanwhile, Carl and Enid arrive outside of The Hilltop and Carl reveals he was driving to find The Sanctuary, not her. They kiss and Carl decides to follow The Saviors on their way out. Gregory confronts Jesus about hiding Maggie and Sasha and Jesus threatens to tell The Saviors about his collusion with Rick’s group. Gregory reluctantly agrees and tells Maggie, “See dear, the Saviors can actually be quite reasonable.” Maggie punches Gregory in the face and informs him The Hilltop is her home now. She clarifies her name is MAGGIE RHEE and that she expects him to call her that from now on.


Later, Sasha asks Jesus to discover where Negan lives and he agrees. Maggie finds Enid in the garden and notices she put green balloons on (what she thinks is) his grave. Shortly after Sasha and them sit down for dinner and Maggie gives Enid Glenn’s pocket watch. Jesus sneaks on the Saviors’ truck and discovers Carl hiding in the back.


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