Carl tricks Jesus into bailing from the truck while he prepares to infiltrate The Sanctuary. The truck finally stops, the Saviors hop in the back, and Carl guns down two of them. He demands everyone drop their weapons in time for Negan to arrive. “You…are adorable,” Negan says as he hides behind one of his men. Carl takes out another Savior and Dwight tackles him to the ground. Negan, impressed by Carl’s bravado, helps him up and promises to show him around The Sanctuary.



Negan takes Carl to his bedroom to scold one of his wives, Amber, who was caught cheating with her ex-husband. She tearfully apologizes and he vows to never cheat again. He’s accepts and then kisses Sherry as Dwight walks in with Daryl. Daryl asks Negan why he has Carl here and a flummoxed Negan reminds Daryl it’s none of his business. He instructs Dwight to fire up the furnace for some déjà vu.

Elsewhere, Rick and Aaron cross into dangerous territory for a supply run while Spencer and Father Gabriel head out on their own mission. Spencer tells Gabriel Rick’s a poor leader and he hopes he doesn’t return alive, prompting Gabriel to make him stop the car. “What you’re saying doesn’t make you a sinner, but it does make you a tremendous shit,” Gabriel mic drops and starts walking.


Back at the Sanctuary Negan sits down with Carl and tells him he’s smart, but he won’t let killing his men thing slide. Just like the comics, Negan forces him to remove his eye bandage and Carl starts crying. Negan tells him he didn’t mean to hurt his feelings when Fat Joseph interrupts them to bring Negan Lucille, which he left out by the trucks. He thanks him and tells Carl to keep the bandage off because no one will mess with him looking like that. As punishment for killing his men, Negan makes Carl awkwardly sing to him while he has batting practice.


Later, Negan and Carl enter the main hall where Amber’s ex-husband Mark is tied to a chair. Like he did with Rick, Negan makes Carl hold Lucille for him while he takes care of business. He expresses his reluctance for what’s about to happen but his people chant, “The rules keep us alive.” As punishment for sleeping his wife Amber Negan grabs a hot iron from Dwight and presses it on Mark’s face. He screams out in pain and passes out. Negan declares he and Mark are square and reiterates if anyone screws up this is the punishment they will face.



Spencer discovers a trapped walker in the woods and steals its crossbow and supplies. Meanwhile, Eugene and Rosita arrive at an ammunition manufacturing plant where Rosita bullies Eugene into making her a bullet. He reluctantly complies.


At The Sanctuary Carl, who’s fed up with this field trip, suggests Negan kill himself to save him the trouble of doing it himself. Negan laughs and decides it’s time to return him to Alexandria. Outside, Jesus secretly infiltrates The Sanctuary and Daryl threatens Negan, who has Dwight throw him back in the shoe. In there, Daryl receives a note under the door instructing, “Go Now.” Elsewhere, Michonne holds up a female Savior on the road and demands she take her to Negan.


Negan and Carl arrive at Alexandria looking for Rick, who’s still away on a supply run. Negan decides to wait and makes Carl give HIM a tour of HIS place. Meanwhile, Rick and Aaron arrive at a floating house full of supplies surrounded by water walkers. Rosita and Eugene arrive at Alexandria to find Spencer, who gloats about the supplies he discovered in the woods. With Judith in hand, Negan settles on a porch next to Carl and gleefully awaits Rick’s return.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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