The Walking Dead’s seventh season finale offered up some HUGE homages to the comics while still adding original storylines. Below we break down the major comparisons between comic and show and tell you why it all matters.

Before We Dive In…

Let’s clear up some comic/show discrepancies so we get through this with our heads still attached:

– Characters alive in the show but dead or non-existent in the comics: Morgan, Carol, Sasha, and Judith.


– Characters who are dead in the show but alive in the comics: Andrea, Denise, Richard, Dr. Carson, Nicholas, and Olivia.


Also, if the show timeline aligned with the comics, here’s the order the episodes would play out:


ONE LAST THING: In the comics the attack on Alexandria happens RIGHT after Negan kills Spencer.


Ahhh, memories. SO, are we good? Great, now let’s dive in:

Dwight’s Promise



Dwight offered himself up as a double agent in the comics way before he did so in the show. He also didn’t travel to Alexandria to do it, instead he showed up at The Kingdom to reveal his plans to Rick. Since Daryl isn’t in the comics it was Rick who lashed out at him initially. Eventually, Dwight talks them into trusting him.

The Betrayal


In both the comics and show, Negan surprises Rick with a backup force. In the show it’s the Scavengers, who are NOT in the comics. In the comics, it’s just a plethora of Saviors he apparently always keeps around Alexandria in case sh*t pops off.

The Classic Dead Girl Switcheroo


Although Sasha’s not in the comics, much of her story is inspired by Holly, who IS in the comics. Both former Abraham lovers broke into the Sanctuary to avenge Abraham’s death, got captured by Negan, and arrived dead on arrival at Alexandria as a trick. In the comics, however, this happens DURING All Out War when Negan intentionally brings a zombified Holly (with a bag over her head) to Rick. Rick falls for it and the undead Holly ends up biting Denise. In the show, Negan’s blindsided by her death and almost gets bitten by her himself.

Side Note: Before Holly’s killed and used as a bargaining chip, she’s also subjected to creepy Dave, who like the show, Negan kills.


The Tower Fight



In the comics it was ANDREA, not Michonne, who battled in the tower. And instead of a Scavenger woman, it was a Savior man who attacked her before she could get a shot on Negan. Although there was more dialogue and knife-fighting in the comics, both Andrea and Michonne came out victorious after shoving their attacker off the ledge. (Side note: the woman who attacked Michonne in the show resembles comic Andrea a LOT…perhaps it was an homage?)

Side Gripe: We’re sad Andrea’s epic line, “We don’t die” wasn’t given to Michonne in the show, so here it was in the comics:


The Lineup


In the show Rick and Carl get captured and lined up for Negan to punish. He threatens to take Rick’s hands and then Lucille Carl. In the comics Negan lines up Rick, Heath, Holly, and Nicholas as retaliation for Carl shooting a hole through Lucille. Negan begins his eeny meeny chant when suddenly…

Shiva Attacks


Fans finally got the badass Shiva attack from the comics in the Season 7 finale. In the show, Shiva (and Ezekiel) arrive literally just in time to save Carl from being Lucille’d. In the comics Jesus surprises Negan during his visit, holds him at gunpoint, and then Shiva attacks, forcing Negan’s men to retreat. There wasn’t an ensuing battle like the show, and in the comics Ezekiel warned Rick NOT to chase after them because they’re not prepared for the repercussions. Here’s what that moment looked like in the comics right before Shiva attacked:


The Aftermath



In both the comic and show once the Saviors leave Rick rushes over to his lover (Andrea, Michonne) to tend to her wounds. He’s relieved it wasn’t her that fell from the ledge. We deviate afterwards…in the comic Rick plans a massive attack on Negan and the Saviors while in the show the town recovers as Maggie buries Sasha and reflects on her life.

The War Declaration


After suffering some considerable losses in the battle of Alexandria, Negan retreated back to The Sanctuary to lick his wounds and declare to his people they’re going to war with Rick and his allies. The WAY he declared it in the show was slightly more dramatic than the comics.

What Did NOT Happen In The Comics


There was no elaborate bomb plot to detonate the Saviors in the comics.


Neither was there a moment where a strange woman offered to sleep with Rick after the battle.


Although Dwight was a double agent at this point, he didn’t set up a tree barrier to slow Negan down.


As awesome as the battle was, Maggie and The Hilltop were sadly not involved.


There were NOT any Sasha/Holly and Abraham dreams/afterlife sequences, either.


Although Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel DO team up for All Out War, they didn’t make a joint speech.

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