The balance of power in the zombie apocalypse is perpetually shifting so we thought we’d create a fun weekly list of who was on top and who was a slave forced to eat dog food during Easy Street sing-alongs. Each week the Top 12 list will fluctuate based on who steps up and who drops the ball. Below are our semi-biased power rankings for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6:

1. Negan


Get used to seeing the leader of The Saviors here for a while. Negan’s had a hand in controlling Alexandria, The Hilltop, The Kingdom, and Oceanside’s former community. His followers bow down to him, he collects wives, and essentially has a castle protected by walkers and guards armed to the teeth. Negan is king and has shown no signs of slowing down.

2. Simon


As Negan’s official right-hand man Simon holds almost as much power as the Lucille-wielding man in the high castle himself. He makes his own house calls, controls his own groups of Saviors, and revels in bullying the meek. Simon is what happens when Trevor from GTA V is given too much power.

3. Dwight


Simon may be Negan’s right-hand man but Dwight still holds a special place in Negan’s heart. As we saw in 703, Dwight mostly behaves how he wants at The Sanctuary and delights in f***ing with the people under him. Despite his lifestyle, Dwight doesn’t seem ecstatic about Negan marrying his wife or having to kill his own friends who escape. Unlike Simon, Dwight is sipping the Kool-aid, not chugging it.

4. Ezekiel

TWD_702_Shiva copy

Even though Ezekiel is playing the biggest game of pretend ever, he still rules over a large survivor community that tries to slight Negan and The Saviors at every turn. He provides a semi-normal lifestyle to his residents (including a glee club), is protected by armed guards, and gifts walker meat-tainted pigs to The Saviors. Also, he has a f***ing tiger, so his power ranking will stay high unless something horrendous happens.

5. Maggie


Not all heroes wear capes…some are pregnant with a chip on their shoulder and a mean left hook. Just weeks after Glenn’s death, Maggie has already begun staging a coup of The Hilltop. During the walker attack in 705 Maggie organized a resistance while Gregory retreated into his bedroom. Although she and The Hilltop are still under Negan’s rule, Maggie has been much more efficient leader than Gregory.

6. Rick


We know, it’s difficult to see the Ricktatorship in shambles. Perpetually faced by impending death Rick has chosen to follow Negan’s orders to a tee. Although his people (mostly) listen to and follow him, Rick yields his power to Negan, surrenders Alexandria’s weapons, and allows Negan to stick his…um, rules down his throat. To Rick, staging a resistance against The Saviors seems almost impossible at this point.

7. Jesus


Jesus is not someone to be messed with. Aside from his karate skills and blue eyes, Jesus’ true power comes from bridging the gap between The Hilltop and Alexandria. He’s quick to challenge Gregory and puts the safety of others before himself. Last time we saw Jesus he was sneaking onto a Savior truck to infiltrate The Sanctuary. His rebelliousness and penchant for justice earns him a middling power ranking on this list.

8. Carl


Carl’s at the fun age where he’s constantly questioning authority…whether it be the guy who bashed-in the heads of his friends or his own lame dad. No matter his motivation, Carl won’t let Negan take half of their stuff lying down…which is why he’s headed to The Sanctuary to file his complaint in person! His risky behavior could prove useful or deadly in toppling Negan.

9. Michonne


Unlike Rick, Michonne’s been more reluctant in bending to Negan’s rule. In 704 we saw her using walkers as rifle target practice. She also stood up to Rick when he demanded she hand over her rifle (but ultimately relented). Michonne seems to be going rogue, and the more she does that the more likely she could climb the power rankings.

10. Carol


Walking Dead show fans know by now not to underestimate Carol Peletier. Despite recent misgivings (running off, getting shot, being ‘confined’ to a wheelchair), Carol’s manipulated her way through The Kingdom, cut through Ezekiel’s bullsh*t, and re-established herself in her own home. Although we haven’t seen her since 702, the power she has over others can’t be ignored.

11. Gregory


Since Gregory is still technically the leader of The Hilltop we can’t give him the bottom spot. However, after Maggie, Jesus, and Simon used him as a human doormat in 705 we can’t honestly rank him any higher, either. Gregory’s a spineless leader that makes decisions based on what’s best for HIM, not his people.

12. Daryl


Sorry, Dixonites, but after scarfing down dog food sandwiches, getting caught escaping, and being a literal slave ya boy is at the bottom for a reason. After defying Negan in the Season premiere (which probably got Glenn killed), Daryl’s spent the last few weeks on easy street at The Sanctuary. Although he continues to defile Negan in small ways, his appearance in 704 didn’t give us any confidence that it was working.

On the Bubble: Sasha, Tara, Morgan.

What do YOU think of our power rankings? Do you think anyone should have been ranked higher or lower? Help us determine the power rankings for next week in the comments below!