All Out War has finally come to The Walking Dead show. With so much action and death jammed into arguably the best story arc of the series we decided to ask fans on Twitter which comic moments from All Out War THEY want to see play out in the show. We compiled the results and offered explanations below:

Rick’s Arrival/The Sanctuary Walker Invasion


Following the first Alexandrian attack Rick and his crew unleash a herd of walkers into The Sanctuary, forcing Negan to retreat and regroup. It was a pretty epic scene that escalated quickly.

The Grenade Attack


During All Out War Negan and his people arrive at Alexandria and try to lure Rick out by throwing grenades over the walls. It ends in a sizable amount of casualties (RIP Heath’s leg) but we ALSO get this amazing moment where Jesus catches and throws back a grenade, killing multiple Saviors.

Walker-Gut Lucille


Suffering a series of setbacks against Rick’s group Negan is forced to up the ante and cover all the Savior weapons (including Lucille) in walker guts. This ensured even if they didn’t directly kill the survivors they at least made them sick enough to turn. Pretty brutal/awesome, huh?

“I Believe In Rick Grimes”


After Gregory sells out The Hilltop to Negan Maggie punches him in the mouth and reinforces to HER people that they need to side with Rick because she believes in Rick Grimes. It was such a huge moment in the comics they gave her TWO pages to say it!

Evolution of Dwight


As we saw at the tail end of Season 7 Dwight has finally realized a pirates life is NOT for him and he wants to defect to Rick’s side. He continues this trend in All Out War and becomes key to Rick’s victory.

Shiva’s Demise


Yes, we CAN all agree we don’t want to see Shiva die next season. (In the comics Shiva gets consumed by walkers after saving Ezekiel from a herd attack).

The Hilltop Night Raid


Negan corners Rick and his group at The Hilltop to end the war WHEN SUDDENLY Rick’s people gun down the Saviors and Negan is forced to retreat outside the Hilltop walls until morning.

The Final Confrontation


The beginning of the end of All Out War started when Rick shockingly deals a non-lethal blow to Negan’s neck demanding they end things now. As amazing as this moment was, it leads to…

Rick’s Leg break


Although Rick nearly rid himself of his greatest enemy, Negan still managed to give him a parting gift – a broken leg. Negan collapses seconds later and Dwight declares the war over. Conflict resolution aside, Rick’s leg injury left him with a permanent limp that slows, but doesn’t stop Rick’s future success as the leader of Alexandria.

Thanks for tweeting at us! Did we miss any moments? Tell us in the comments which scenes from All Out War YOU would like to see played out in Season 8.