There’s been a marked increase in actual music in this season of The Walking Dead, as opposed to just Bear McCreary’s (excellent) score. Each week we field a bunch of questions about who did whatever track was featured that week. Well now you can get your hands on them in one easy place. AMC is releasing the first volume of the show soundtrack. Below is the track listing but I think the real standout is Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan’s “The Parting Glass.” Emily and Lauren play Beth and Maggie on the show, and you’ve heard Emily sing in the show a couple times. Here they’re given sort of an ominous, sparse synth backing track that lends the song a perfectly cold, apocalyptic feel.  It’s pretty awesome. The album is available for digital download from both iTunes and Amazon.

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Here is the full track listing:

1. Jamie N Commons – “Lead Me Home”
2. Bear McCreary – “Main Title Theme Song” (UNKLE Remix)
3. Voxhaul Broadcast – “You Are The Wilderness”
4. Baby Bee – “Love Bug”
5. Fink – “Warm Shadow” (Dactyl Remix)
6. Of Monsters And Men – “Sinking Man”
7. Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan (Beth & Maggie Greene)- “The Parting Glass”
8. Delta Spirit – “Running”