Hey gang, we’re super proud to be able to announce the follow-up to Z-Man’s The Walking Dead: The Board Game! The stand-alone sequel is called The Walking Dead: The Prison and is inspired by the events from issues 13 to 24, the beginning of the epic Prison arc!

Like the first game, The Prison includes artwork from the one and only Charlie Adlard and features your favorite characters from the comic.

The Walking Dead: The Prison has you searching, clearing, and maintaining different areas of the Prison. The play mechanics aren’t too difficult to get the hang of and the game plays out differently every time. It’s really cool. If you’ve played the first one, you’re used to the character and sidekick dynamics, but the Prison game board allows for some all-new twists and goals.

We’re trying something new with the release of this new game and premiering it on Kickstarter. This allows us to offer stretch goals and add-ons related to player interest and demand. Backers can get the board game by itself at a reduced price (as low as $45 if you get in early enough) or they can add on accessories at higher backer levels like an exclusive dice bag, exclusive dice tray, custom character cards, etc.

There are also stretch goals as more and more people get involved. We’ll be adding custom cards (designed with input from YOU), characters to the starting line up, additional goals to the game, and more (check out the Kickstarter for the stretch goals we’ve revealed so far).

We’re aiming for a November release date, and will of course be keeping you updated as we go!

Check out the full Kickstarter with all of the rewards and stretch goalshere!

And if you never had the chance, pick up our first board game RIGHT NOW!