The incredibly dedicated and awesome Zac Herrera, one of our Facebook Community Managers, created an awesome set of polls discussing Volume 22! Given that this was such a game-changing arc, there’s a lot to talk about. Vote below and let us know what you thought!

And, of course, SPOILERS for issue #127-132!


Vol 22: Best Cover
Which issue of arc had the best, most memorable cover design?


Vol 22: BIggest Unanswered Question
What did you think was the biggest question posed (and left open) in Volume 22?


Vol 22: Biggest Surprise
What was the craziest surprise from the arc?


Vol 22: Best New Character
Who was the best new character introduced in Volume 22?


Vol 22: Best Transformation
Which character had the most interesting and cool transformation since we had seen them last?


Vol 22: Best Moment
What did you think was the best moment in the entire arc?