Well, no Robert interviews this week since the powers that be wanted to keep spoilers to a minimum. But there have been some good articles today, potentially inspired by last night’s powerful ending.

Geoffrey Ingersoll at Business Insider discusses Merle’s battlefield technique in “The Walking Dead’s Merle Dixon Demonstrated The Finer Points Of Gunfight Tactics.”

Tim Goodman at The Hollywood Reporter brings back the Power Rankings in “The Power Rankings! Are Back! What? Where Has It Been? Why So Many Questions And Exclamation Points?” and guess what’s at the top.

Bill Simmons spends some time discussing his love of The Walking Dead (and his grievances, of which I object most strongly with his stance on the acting) in “The Walking Dead Gives ’Em What They Want.”

Nate Rawlings at Time drops some Roman history on us with his recap “The Walking Dead Watch: Cincinnatus Rises.”