Hey gang! Brian here! You may have noticed a new name on the site this week. Yes, that’s right, I have hired a replacement for Lizzy. He has some big shoes to fill. Literally—Lizzy has GIANT feet (just kidding Lizzy!). Johnny is a Cavs fan but I’m trying really hard not to hold that against him, and he pretends like it doesn’t hurt every time I make fun of LeBron, but I can see his soul die a little bit every time I do and it’s glorious. He’s on Twitter if you want to follow him! And remember, if you see any typos or errors on the site or Twitter/Facebook, it’s probably Johnny’s fault. Welcome, Johnny! Take it away!

This was definitely the week of the…wait for it…TEASER.
Due to all the Comic-Con mayhem this is technically the last week and A HALF of TWD news. So, you’re welcome.

Here’s what went down:

WE NOW HAVE A FULL LENGTH TRAILER FOR SEASON 6 OF THE WALKING DEAD! (premiering October 12th at 9PM)! Just when you thought trees were safe, there are now walkers ATTACHED to them. This might be the most intense season yet.

Norman Reedus and other cast members got to FINALLY meet Lucille. Don’t know who Lucille is? Great, enjoy these next few months of not having an irrational fear of baseball bats.

The cover of TWD Issue #147 was revealed! Seems like Carl and Lydia are hitting the road again. What do you think their playlist should be? (other than The Grateful Dead).

Can’t stop watching the trailer we mentioned earlier? Well, they say if you look at something a lot you should take a picture. THANKFULLY, these NEW SEASON 6 CHARACTER POSTERS should do the trick!

The new Fear the Walking Dead poster was unveiled, showing a walker approaching kids playing basketball in the street. It was arguably the scariest basketball moment since Kevin Love got injured in the NBA playoffs against the Celtics (no bias).

Kid Cudi teamed up with Scott Aukerman from Comedy Bang! Bang! to hilariously parody TWD. Let’s be honest with ourselves, supply runs RARELY go well.

Walkers haven’t always been disgusting and frightening, sometimes they were just frightening! Check out the side-by-side comparison of TWD walkers with FTWD walkers. Whom would YOU rather swipe right on?

Michonne graced the cover of the 13th issue of Walking Dead: The Official Magazine! Check the link to see character bios and get the scoop on Season 6!

What’s that? You want another trailer? BOOM, you got it. FEAR THE WALKING DEAD premiered their new full length trailer and it is GLORIOUS. (Side note: LA being taken over by walkers MIGHT help solve our drought problem. Just saying).

Stay tuned to TheWalkingDead.com next week because there’s a WHOLE lot more horrifying excitement coming at you.