Premieres, interviews, and teasers (oh my!) Call this post a Thanksgiving turkey because it was STUFFED with goodness that you’ll yell at your family over. Let’s jump in.

Are you ever stuck somewhere boring and wish you could kill zombies from the comfort of your phone? Then we have just the thing! We partnered with Scopely to create The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, which is available on Apple and Android devices. Aside from killing zombies, you can create communities, gather supplies, and upgrade your weapons! So next time someone asks a droll question like how was your weekend, you can confidently pull out your phone and start killing zombies. Appropriate social cues…check.

Listen up Walking Dead junkies: we have your fix to hold you over until October. There’s a new “Shadows” Season 6 promo that features Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Carol, Carl (CORAL!), and Sasha. Believe us, Season 6 is going to be crazy.

We know, we know; that teaser just wasn’t enough. THEN HOW ABOUT TEN INTERVIEWS WITH THE CAST DISCUSSING THE NEW SEASON?! That’s too many interviews, they said. People can’t handle that much amazing content, they said. They were wrong.

Volume 24 carried enough emotional punch to send you flying into a mountain of despair. Thankfully, there are like-minded people who were equally as devastated. Share your emotional reactions with others by taking our awe-inspiring Volume 24 poll! You’ll have more fun with it than a firefighting stripper.

Did you miss the Fear the Walking Dead pilot? Then hakuna matata. Thanks to AMC, you can now watch the entire episode for FREE. It’s easy to binge a show when there’s only one episode!

Sunday may only be a day away (or today if you’re reading this then, yesterday if you read this monday, or decades ago if you’ve time traveled into the future). However you’re reading this, you should still catch this awesome scene from Episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. It involves a principal who isn’t feeling so hot.

Was that Fear scene not enough? Then behold! We have the entire trailer for Episode 2. You’re going to be so caught up compared to your friends.

Everyone loves and misses Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese). He was an intense and lovable leader that had an amazing story arc. Unfortunately (spoiler alert), it all came to an end in a kid’s bedroom in Season 5. As sad as it was to see him go, we now have this fantastic interview Chad gave with IGN where he discusses his famous death scene, what it would be like if he was still in the show, AND what he’s up to now.

Re-live the emotional thrill ride that was Season 5 in the new Blu-Ray/DVD available NOW. It’s great because A) it comes out before Netflix and B) it doesn’t ask you judgmental Netflix questions like “Are you still watching?” and “Why don’t you get a job?” Shut up, Netflix. You don’t know my life! Ok, sorry, moving on.

Season 5 was full of surprises but what can we expect from Season 6? Executive Producer Tom Luse has you covered with a great Q&A where he talks about Alexandria and the character struggles that will continue in the new season.

Fear the Walking Dead wasn’t the only exciting new premiere this week; we ALSO got a new episode of Talking Dead. In this episode, Lost star Jorge Garcia and Showrunner Scott M. Gimple talked Season 6 predictions, expectations, and cheese.

Let’s get to know the “kids” of Fear the Walking Dead better. Frank Dillane (Nick) got to sit down with the New York Times and discuss his journey (which involves Harry Potter and Game of Thrones). Meanwhile. Alycia Debnam-Carey spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about getting into the original Walking Dead and coaxing producers not to kill her character off.

We began with big news and we’re ending with big news. Remember that game we mentioned? WELL the world famous PewDiePie plays The Walking Dead: Road to Survival and it is EPIC. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Also make sure to DOWNLOAD Road to Survival from the app store!

All right Dead heads, thanks for checking in on us. We’ll have more videos, previews, and news next week. See you then!