This post is a lot like a burrito: it’s full of a lot of delicious things, it’s a wrap, and it’ll sideline you to the bathroom for half of tomorrow. Here’s your weekly wrap on all things Walking Dead-related.

[Director breaking in here. First of all, Johnny, I love a burrito analogy, so great work there. You lost me a bit at the bathroom ending, but no one’s perfect. Anyway, what I really wanted to say was we have a boatload of new merch that premiered at Comic-Con up in the store. A lot of the limited edition stuff has sold out but we still have a lot of really good things, and we’ve opened it up to everyone, not just Insiders, so GO BUY SOME STUFF! Like the Walking Dead Superfight expansion! Or the all-new Michonne figure from McFarlane! Or the new simple Walking Dead Logo t-shirt! Ok. Sorry. Shilling over. Carry on. -brian]

They say orange is the new black. But we think binging is the new relationship. Catch up on every.episode.ever of The Walking Dead with AMC’s Sunday Seasons! This means they’ll air an entire season each Sunday leading up to a TALKING Dead Season 6 preview AND the Fear The Walking Dead PREMIERE on August 23rd. So generous of them.

The new Walking Dead season may still be a few months away but the nightmares you’ll get from these NEW walker photos are just around the corner.

What, those last two points aren’t enough to quench your unquenchable thirst for The Walking Dead? FINE. Here’s a DELETED SCENE from Season 5 with Rick and Michonne. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

Being the sadists that we are, we compiled all the horrified comments/reactions to Issue #144! Knowing that others also felt emotionally wrecked after reading it is all part of the healing process.

McFarlane has unveiled their prototype for the new menacing Negan statue. You’re not scared of a statue, are you? Well you should be.

Fear The Walking Dead officially arrives to a TV near you in LESS than a month! Get ahead of the action and check out these dramatic character photos to get acquainted with the cast.

We crowned a Winnin Costume Battle winner! Shot out to Becky D (not to be confused with Becky G, Jessie J, or Andrew W.K.) for her sick clown walker costume. Congrats!

If the Grinch can have a heart, so can The Governor. This week we discovered actor David Morrissey has been keeping busy as a humanitarian helping Syrian refugees in Southeastern Europe.

Special effects don’t choose to be special, they were born this way. Poke your face into this INCREDIBLE video that showcases before and after effects from The Walking Dead and see the magic just dance off the screen. You don’t have to, just do what you want.

And last but not least, The Walking Dead now has their own…beer?? What better way to get your mind off the zombie apocalypse than an orange IPA? Contains 6.7% alcohol, 93.3% walker blood. [Johnny, always lead with the beer story. -brian.]