Summer lovin’ had me a blast. Summer lovin’ happened so fast. You know what else happened so fast? This WEEK. Here’s everything Walking Dead-related that you missed.

Let’s start strong. THREE new characters have been revealed for Season 6. Comic book lovers will recognize Denise and Heath, but this Carter guy is an accumulation of MULTIPLE characters from the comic. My psychologist says I suffer from the same thing, but I think it’s just mild Schizophrenia.

Fear the Walking Dead Character Portraits are HERE. Apparently zombie apocalypses make people take their best photos. Next time you have to take a professional picture just imagine your face is about to be eaten by a walker. You’ll look stunning.

We know, character portraits aren’t enough. That’s why we ALSO have an exclusive look into the very first episode of the series! Based on the pictures it seems like a lot of characters are excited to be in a classroom…meaning you KNOW something horrific is about to happen.

Seasn 5’s Noah is BACK. Well, at least he is in this extra. WATCH this new Blu-Ray/DVD extra about Noah’s journey and how he impacted the show for the other cast members.

Want to get lunch with Michonne in Atlanta? Or see the Season 6 premiere at Madison Square Garden?? (We’d stop talking to you if you said no to any of those questions). Danai Gurira (Michonne) is offering AMAZING prizes like those for her charity. What’s her charity? Ch-ch-ch-check the link to find out and see how YOU can contribute.

Dale’s RV Construction Set from McFarlane toys is finally here! Who doesn’t love an RV?? You can snipe walkers AND they have built in bathrooms!

Ever wonder how your favorite actors from The Walking Dead would fare during an actual zombie apocalypse? Well Entertainment Weekly sat down with them and found out who THEY thought wouldn’t make it a DAY.

Where are your favorite ex-cast members now? Fantastic question! The Hollywood Reporter catches up with all of your faves and discovers how they’re doing now that they’re not impaling walkers through a fence. Obvious spoilers ahead, proceed with caution.

And FINALLY, is NEGAN coming to Season 6 of The Walking Dead?!?! We have no idea, but check out what Show-runner Scott Gimple had to say about the matter.

Aaaand THAT is your wrap up. Enjoy your week and let us know what YOUR favorite story was from this week in the comments.