If we could sum up the week in two words we would say “Lots of Season 6.” If we could sum up how we did in second grade math in one word it would be “not great.” All of that aside, the details of the new seasons of The Walking Dead and FEAR the Walking Dead became MUCH clearer to us. Check out what you missed and what you can NOW look forward to in the upcoming shows.

Most people are afraid of zombie herds but we’re talking about a DIFFERENT kind of herd. Cut to Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd, who chatted with AMC this week to discuss the “HUGE” new season of The Walking Dead coming in October. And yes, it involves a Walking Dead musical.

Dinner parties are boring enough as it is. Invite a group of people who have spent the past few years escaping an apocalyptic hells-cape and suddenly small talk turns violent. Our very own Norman Reedus sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about how difficult normal life in Alexandria will affect the group’s dynamic in Season 6.

Speaking of Norman Reedus, he’s starring in a new film called AIR produced by Skybound! Watch him get interviewed by one of Scion’s finest in this silly video from this year’s SDCC.

What’s that? You want MORE inside information on The Walking Dead Season 6? Then you got it! Melissa McBride ALSO sat down with Entertainment Weekly and called Season 6 “A Crazy Ride.” Enjoy this.

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It’s hard enough being alive during an apocalypse. Not knowing the rules of being around walkers? Nearly impossible. Watch this Fear the Walking Dead feature on how the characters struggle with the undead at the beginning of the apocalypse.

“Big, bold, ambitious.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t someone describing our writing style, it’s a quote from Andrew Lincoln on Season 6. Watch the full interview HERE

FINALLY, some video of stuff burning. It’s bad enough that Los Angeles is in a drought. But now they have to deal with a blackout in the middle of the apocalypse? Now THAT’S a Real Housewives episode we might actually watch. Speaking of watching, WATCH the new Fear the Walking Dead promo go lights out in LA.