There’s a study that says 87% of statistics are made up. We can’t confirm the accuracy of that but we CAN confirm this post is 100% awesome.

Let’s start off with the main event. The Walking Dead Issue 145 was finally released this week. Still recovering from 144? We don’t blame you. Because 145 was a reaction issue, be sure to post all of YOUR reactions to our 145 discussion for a chance to win a Robert Kirkman-signed Issue 144 variant! Try to wrap your HEAD around that.

Barnes & Noble announced they’re offering a VARIANT cover of The Walking Dead Compendium 3! You really have to hand it to them; they did a bang-up job.

If orange is the new black then melted skin must be the new skinny jeans. In Season 5 we caught a glimpse of a napalmed area of Atlanta where bright pink walkers were literally MELTED into the pavement (and you thought the Real Housewives of Orange County looked bad). Every wonder how the make-up/effects crew pulls off that grotesque realism? Then check out this “Rotters in the Flesh” bonus footage from the new Blu-Ray/DVD to see how they pull it off.

Skybound’s own AIR movie was released on Friday! It’s a story about someone trapped in a room with a character played by Norman Reedus during the apocalypse. We know, it doesn’t sound like that painful of a situation, but we swear it packs a ton of thrills.

WINTER IS COMING…maybe. The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott M. Gimple discusses the possibilities of snow (not Jon) and other seasons making its way to Alexandria.

This week Entertainment Weekly awarded Melissa McBride Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for The Walking Dead! And because she turned off an entire generation of people from looking at flowers we think she deserves it.

The Walking Deadpool is the mashup trailer you didn’t realize you needed in your life. Here are some other things you didn’t think you needed in your life: a s’mores doughnut, neck-massaging headphones, and a talking pitbull.

Have you ever sat on a roof with somebody and told them you plan to “kill everybody?” Hopefully not! Thankfully, we have this deleted scene from Season 5 of Rick doing just that with Daryl!

Finally, we showed you guys a peek at the making of the new series, Fear the Walking Dead. It has cameras, producers, and a lot of intense gazing.

That’s it for this week, thanks for stopping by! The next one’s on the house.