Hey gang! Hope everyone had a great week! Things are ridiculous here at Skybound leading up to SDCC. It’s less than a month away so it’s about the time when we all stop laughing about how busy we are and just start working non-stop. Tears and booze will soon follow.

Hopefully I’ll have a new assistant to introduce to you all soon. Going through the applications now! Stay tuned! Here’s what hit the site this week:

ISSUE #142 CAME OUT! Our discussion post is up and—as usual—we’re giving away a copy of it signed by Robert Kirkman. You should really weigh in.

Speaking of issue #142, our FB admin Zac posted five questions readers might have for #142. How many of them got answered? Find out! (Spoiler: not many!)

In a Friday Poll, I asked readers who, from the show, they’d want by their side in a zombie apocalypse. The leader isn’t too surprising, but I am a little surprised he’s not ahead by more. And my boy Glenn is putting up a fight!

Although we usually stray from talk of outside projects, we really couldn’t resist when Jon Bernthal scored an epic role in Netflix’s Daredevil.

EW’s Dalton Ross posted an absurd number of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD articles! We highlighted and linked to them. Lots of cool info that doesn’t really spoil the show but gives you a better idea what to expect.

And last, still on the FEAR tip, AMC rolled out a new, grungier logo for FEAR THE WALKING DEAD and I like it!

Fun fact: it’s 10pm in a Friday night so I’m watching BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA while I post this. It’s my favorite movie of all time, hands-down. If they actually decide to remake it, I’ll be like this: