**EW’s 1-Minute Recap of The Walking Dead Season 4 is both informative and funny. If the events of last season are foggy, or if you just want to watch one entertaining minute, go watch the video!

**THE WALKING DEAD #132 DISCUSSION POST! This issue came early, and boy are we glad it did. Once you’ve read the crazy new twist, come on over to the discussion and let’s talk about it!

**Telltale cut together a Season Finale accolades trailer, and it will give you feels. Also, the video ends with the official release dates for Season 2 on disks!

**Have you ever marveled at our comic-con booths and thought, I just really need that artwork in glorious hi-res? Fear not! Skybound Insiders now have access to our 2013 and 2014 SDCC booth artwork!

**JESUS HAS RISEN! Check out IGN’s Greg Miller & Robert Kirkman unboxing the new action figure from TMP, along with our series of teaser images and info on the Skybound Insiders special presale!

But guys, seriously, now is the time to join Skybound Insiders if you haven’t already. We’re working on a loyalty system that will reward people for leaving comments and winning contests, along with some other fun twists. In addition to free comics like Tech Jacket Digital, the booth artwork, and the Jesus presale, we also just gave away 15 wristbands for a Robert Kirkman signing at NYCC!


That’s not really a great discussion point right there, but I am really excited for Skybound Insiders and my fingers are crossed that I get a million points off the bat. We’ll see. But anyway, what other things do you guys think it would be cool to do for Insiders? What programs or giveaways or special access could we give you to make Skybound Insiders even better?