Check out our recap of all the articles, interviews, photos–EVERYTHING–you may have missed this last week! Especially with the Season 5 premiere, there’s a ton going on. Check it all out below:

**Episode 501: No Sanctuary – Recap and Discussion! Come talk about your reaction to the explosive first episode of Season 5!

**The Walking Dead #136 Cover Revealed. SPOILERS if you haven’t finished TWD #132.

**PREVIEW of The Walking Dead 133!

**Episode 501 Speculation & Easter Egg Check in which Brian goes through all the rumors from the premiere and confirms or denies them.

**Need help with your Halloween costume? Check out our TWD Halloween Costume Guide!

**New Character Photos for Season 5!

**Alexandra Breckenridge Added to the Cast!

**The Walker Stalkers had some excellent 501 coverage including their Walker Stalkers 501 Instant Reaction Podcast and an extensive interview with Greg Nicotero

**FUN VIDEO CORNER: Incredible TWD Pancakes and “CARL POPPA” Bad Lip Reading Song

**Watch the Seak Peek of Episode 502 in which Bob and Sasha are obnoxiously cute together.

**Check out New Stills from Episode 502: Strangers!

**THR Predicts Survival Rates for major Walking Dead characters going into Season 5…

Wow, that’s a lot going on this week! Speaking of survival rates, for this week’s question to see if you made it to the end… who do you think is going to die first this Season? Do you believe the Glenn rumors? Do you think it will be someone obvious, like Bob, or someone else who we’d never expect?