Check out our recap of everything you may have missed this last week!

**The Walking Dead 133 Discussion! After you’ve read the latest issue, come discuss it for a chance to win a signed copy of The Walking Dead #129 from SDCC!

**Episode 502: Strangers – Recap and Discussion! Come talk about your reaction to, ahem, dinner.

**Episode 502: Panel to Screen Comparison where we breakdown the similarities and differences between the show and the comic!

**Poll: Do You Trust Father Gabriel? Right now, things look pretty grim with 45% of voters saying ABSOLUTELY NOT. But vote and let us know if you haven’t already!

**New Stills from Episode 503

**Robert Kirkman talks about Skybound and his legacy in an IGN video More Than The Walking Dead: Inside Skybound

**Want to know more about Abraham? Watch this On Set Video Interview with Michael Cudlitz

**Walking Dead 133 Cover Gets Animated

**Looking for Survivors Gear? We have it! Make sure you snag a shirt or bag before we run out!

**The Walking Dead Magazine Issue 10 Covers & Sneak Peek!

**ROUND UP! Videos From Episode 502 and Articles & Coverage from Episode 502

**Robert Kirkman weighs in through Twitter: Is TWD Just Rick’s Dream?

And don’t forget to sneak a peek at Season 5 Episode 3!

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