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**Episode 503: Four Walls and a Roof Recap and Discussion

**Episode 503: Panel to Screen Comparison

**Two New Stills from Episode 504 featuring Beth!

**New PVC Miniatures for Halloween featuring 2-packs with Abraham, Andrea and Jesus in translucent orange!

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**Inside Episode 503: Four Walls and a Roof video takes a behind-the-scenes look at this week’s episode.

**The Companion Series Pilot Gets a Director!!

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**INTERVIEWS! Andrew J West talks to the Walker Stalkers, TWD Costume Designer discusses Dressing Women for the Apocalypse and Robert Kirkman Teases Season 5 & Spin-off Show

**The Walker Stalkers React Instantly to Episode 503

And, of course, the Sneak Peek of Episode 504: Slabtown!

For those of you who read all the way to the end… if Michonne and Negan were in a one-on-one fight, who do you think would win? Would Michonne’s katanna be a match for Lucille? And what about if they had no weapons?