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From last week’s days and nights…

**Episode 504: Slabtown – Recap and Discussion

**The Walking Dead 134 Preview

**Season 5 Memes hot off the internets!

**New Stills for Episode 505: Self Help along with a Sneak Peek Episode 505

**POLLS: What do you think happened to Carol? and Who’s Gonna Die Next?

**17 Most Horrifying TWD Villains ranked from bad to worst! Whether you agree or disagree, MTV’s list is certainly interesting and delves back into the past of the show!

**Winners announced for The Walking Dead Halloween Costume Contest

**Insiders have access to two Walker Stalkers podcasts: Walker Stalkers 504 Instant Reaction Podcast! and Walker Stalker Episode 109!

**Watch the Inside Episode 504 Video

And the question of the week is… what do you predict is going to be the midseason finale of Season 5? We’re not too far away (only 3 episodes after tomorrow night), what do you think is going to be the big cliffhanger?