Hey gang, Brian here. We show new is slooow right now and the comic has gone back to monthly, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still coming up with cool shit for you to read!

Lizzy and I cooked up “10 Signs You Might Be Suffering From The Walking Dead Withdrawal” for all of our show fans.

We rolled out Exclusive Artwork that we had Charlie do to promote issue 127 and the new arc. It spotlights Rick, Carl, Maggie, and Andrea.

Our poll asked who you think you’ll see in Issue 128. Which comes out June 11 and has a bitchin’ cover.

For a little bit of fun, to celebrate the release of GHOSTED #10 this week, I asked everyone around the Skybound HQ to pick their favorite horror flick. I still want more from you guys though on what you like! We’re gonna give away a copy of GHOSTED Volume 1 to one of the commenters!

And lastly, here in the states it’s Memorial Day weekend! Yes, it’s awesome to have a three-day weekend, but let’s all take a moment in between BBQs/pool parties/beers to remember our servicemen and women who gave their lives serving.