It’s the weekend! And it’s winter! So maybe it’s raining, or snowing, or just plain cold outside. What better time to snuggle up with your computer and read some of the TWD news and discussions you might have missed?! That’s a thing people do, right? Let’s hit the wrap up!

We love it when a new issue of TWD drops. It’s always great to see what the reaction will be, and folks are reacting in our 135 Discussion post. I love how Carl is kind of looking a little unhinged and possibly borrowing some vocabulary from a certain inmate. Where is his character heading exactly? And what is that turd Gregory up to?

Another fun thing is releasing upcoming TWD covers. Now, ideally, you wouldn’t see the cover until the week before release, or maybe not even at all, but retailers need to see these things so they know what they’re buying. Which means the art gets out. Which means we premiere it here so that you can see it in a nice, safe, environment. (And also so we get page views.) And this upcoming March is a doozy! TWO issues and one of them is the start of a new arc and that cover left jaws on the floor!

It’s ALMOST Christmas! I have done ZERO shopping and am kind of freaking out. If you’re like me, and want some help with some TWD stuff, we have you covered. We’ve updated our gift guide with our latest and greatest! We can no longer guarantee international delivery, but domestic (US) orders MUST be placed by the 15th and choose priority shipping if you want them on time. Otherwise you are playing with fire!

Oh Beth. The character we never heard much about, just some complaining. And then she died. And Twitter exploded. Now there’s petitions and tweets and hashtags and some people want her back and some people don’t and we can’t just ignore it. It is kind of our job to talk about these things. To that end, we put up a poll asking if you guys thought AMC Would Bring Beth Back (I was actually kind of surprised at the results). And we also put up a tongue-in-cheek piece about HOW she could come back.

And last but not least, a lot of news outlets were talking about this cast and crew preview of the back half of season 5! Things will get pretty dire for a bit!

Ok, that’s the long and short of it! Or maybe just the short of it, I actually have no idea what that phrase means. Have a good weekend, gang! And be safe out there!