My super assistant Lizzy is out at PAX East helping peddle SUPERFIGHT and has left me alone and quite frankly I’m just glad I haven’t burnt down the office yet (YET!) so we’re just doing quick hits this week!

Issue 138 Preview. Literally almost every panel was a spoiler. These were the best of the non-spoiler ones and they still might be a little spoilery for some, so proceed with caution.

Season 5 Episode 12 recap! Read it! Comment on it! Make fun of it! Just click on an ad and give my life meaning!

Season 5 Episode 12 comic to show comparison! Did we leave stuff out? YES. Did we maybe do that on purpose? Did you think of that?! Also maybe probably we just forgot. OR DID WE?

Our homies over at AMC made a really cool Virtual Tour of Alexandria that they’ll be updating as we visit new parts of the town in the show. Google Maps eat your heart out.

We linked to an interview with Tovah Feldshuh, the actress behind Deanna Monroe and THEN we had the gall to ask you if you trust her in our weekly poll (Deanna, not Tovah)! After all the group has been through? YOU WOULD BE CRAZY TO! EVEN IF YOU READ THE COMIC!

Our buddies The Walker Stalkers had their Instant Reaction Podcast to Episode 512, previewed this week’s episode and talked comic similarities (potential spoilers for non-comic readers), and noticed something interesting about the Season 5B episode titles.

And last, check out the sneak peek at this week’s episode!