Lizzy here! Phew, that was a short week for those of us in the US celebrating Memorial Day! Anyway, here’s my roundup up everything notable from the last week, to make sure you didn’t miss anything that we put our blood, sweat, and tears into!

**I’m going to take most of the credit this week’s article โ€œ5 Easter Eggs from the last Walking Dead Season.โ€ This list we made for show fans points out the hidden gems from Season 4.

**For children of the 80s, or anyone with good taste and a sense of humor, Wil Wheaton’s 80s-style The Walking Dead Theme Song is as amazing as it sounds.

**Our poll this week asked you if you thought Rick should trust Magna (not Magda… we learned something that day…) or not. So far, the results say most of you do. For now.

**INTERVIEWS! Check out Co-EP Denise Huth’s talk about her cameo as the Governor’s dead wife and Chandler Riggs spill some secrets about Terminus! In addition,ย the artist of The Walking Dead comic book series Charlie Adlard did a video interview with Fully Booked where he answers 33 questions! Not-a-spoiler: it kind of turns into a geek culture face off. You’ll have to watch it to see what I mean.

**And in other TWD news, Norman Reedus is assembling his art book, The Walking Dead Escape comes to Atlanta this Saturday, and Telltale is bringing both seasons of the Walking Dead video game to PS4 & Xbox One!

Once again: PHEW.

And now, as your secret test to see who actually made it to the bottom of this recap (everyone reads everything, right? RIGHT!?), leave a comment and tell me what the best thing that happened to you this week was! And, slightly more useful, let us know what you want to see more of as well!