We’ve got WonderCon things to do (where we’re at BOOTH 601), so we’re just giving you the quick hits this weekend!

First off, the finale aired! Season 5 is done! Check out our recap and leave your thoughts! We’re picking a favorite comment to win a pretty sweet prize pack!

We did our last comic-to-show comparison of the season! Go ahead and let me know what I missed.

We put up the preview for issue 140 of The Walking Dead! It’s out next week. 140 issues, I can’t believe it.

Our April Fool’s Day joke this year was a cartoon version of TWD called The Walking Dead Kids! We had a blast making it! Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Lizzy did a Meme Roundup for Season 5! If you need a good laugh for check it out. Eugene peeping is the best.

The promo for FEAR THE WALKING DEAD was released Sunday night! What did you think? Not a lot to go on yet…

The Walker Stalkers have their Instant Reaction podcast for the finale and then they wrap up Season 5 in their mid-week podcast (Eric’s last podcast—nooooooo!).

And last, we have two really great photo galleries! The Season 5 Finale gallery has alternate views of some of the biggest scenes. The Behind-the-Scenes gallery shows the cast and crew bonding cutting loose between scenes! I love that gallery! Check them out!