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**NEWS O’ THE WEEK: The Walking Dead #144 Cover Revealed

**Make sure you come join our The Walking Dead 140 Discussion!!

**Lizzy wrote an article with lots of opinions in it called This Isn’t a Ricktatorship… It’s Anarchy. Give it a read!

**This great video interview takes you Inside TWD Artist Charlie Adlard’s Studio!

**Brian meticulously researched Negan-worthy actors. Read about ’em and then vote for who you think they should cast for Negan!

**Bored this weekend? Check out the latest Weekend Challenge: Rick’s Dream and photoshop/draw/splatter whatever it is that Rick is dreaming about.

**In this Q&A With Norman Reedus he discusses Daryl’s journey and describes his apocalypse-inspired cocktail.

**Wrapping Up Season 5 with The Walking Dead cast & crew.

**And this one needs no explanation: Norman Reedus on SNL