It’s Friday before a 3-day weekend (at least here in the states). You’ll need some reading to get you through it! Check out everything you might’ve missed here on And don’t forget to hit up our Memorial Day sale!

**The long, long, LONG awaited Walking Dead Compendium Three got it’s official release date.

**The Artist’s Proof Edition of The Walking Dead #1 was announced, featuring original, no gray-wash line art by Tony Moore.

**We released the covers to The Walking Dead #145 and Volume 24!

**We run down the Top 5 Carl Moments!

**Robert Kirkman and showrunner Dave Erickson gave up some new info in two different FEAR THE WALKING DEAD interviews.

**Video! Trevschan2 covered the 10 best WALKERS from TWD.

**Lizzy ran a poll asking “How will YOU survive until October?

**I updated the Issue to Volume Guide! This shows what issues are in what volumes, what volumes are in which hardcovers, etc.

**And last, we got a batch of set photos from FEAR THE WALKING DEAD from Entertainment Weekly. We’ll be posting a set visit report before FEAR airs. We were there!