Hi all! So as most of you probably saw on Twitter, this week was my last working full-time at Skybound. It’s been an amazing 2-ish years, and you are all a big part of that, from the great discussions on the site to the wonderful Thank You notes you send when you win a contest. All in all, thank YOU guys for being the best community ever! I’ll still be floating around the site, and I’m sure I’ll run into some of you at conventions when I invariably still end up behind the booth. (p.s. you can follow me @lizzytastic, I swear I will tweet more!)

Here’s our shortlist of everything from this past week!

**Corey Hawkins Joins TWD Cast! We’ve got a Heath!

**The Walking Dead 142 Preview gives us a 3-panel glance at the next issue…

**Photos, interviews, and more! EW gives us the lowdown on FEAR!

**Ever wondered who this Negan fellow is? YouTuber Ronny Haze Explains Negan! Major spoilers for the comics and possibly the show!

**Flash Sale on TWD Magazine! Save up to 38% off!