Lizzy here again, bringing you a little slice of nostalgia from last week! Keeping it brief because it’s Saturday, and nobody has time for jokes on Saturday.

**The Walking Dead #128 came out! Come join the discussion here! The Intern’s favorite comment wins a Kirkman-signed copy of the issue!

**TWD Cast Before They Were Famous. Come for Michael Rooker’s hair, and stay for… Jeffrey DeMunn’s hair.

**Make sure you cast your vote in our poll! 42% of people polled believe that Magna is LESS trustworthy after Issue #128! Hmmm!

**Registration is now open for the San Diego Escape! Come and get your tickets!

**NEW COVERS for The Walking Dead #131 & Hardcover Book 10, featuring smith-happy Carl and walker-wading Ezekiel, respectively.

**San Diego Comic-Con is coming. We teased out an image all week, view the final teaser here!

**Norman Reedus won Best Ass Kicker. ‘Nuff said.

**Editor Sean Mackiewicz is going an AMA next week on Reddit!

**A whole lot of interviews! In a fun video, LeeAnna Vamp interviewed Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie) at Wizard World Minneapolis! Producer Jolly Dale spoke with AMC’s Blog about keeping the set green. And Robert Kirkman talked to THR about Outcast, Season 5, and the end of TWD!!

**Our Happy Father’s Day card. And to those of you who lost a father, or never knew him, or suffered abuse–whatever the circumstance that might make the holiday bittersweet–we’re thinking about you, too.

**And I’ll leave you with our newest feature, The Horde On: Magna. Every week we pick 10 comments about a certain topic and post them for the community. This week’s topic was Magna, but only time will well tell what the next topic might be…!

This week’s secret test to see who actually made it to the bottom of this recap is to leave a comment about what TV you’re watching to fill the Walking Dead void.