Our friends at ComicBook.com recently interviewed Walking Dead actor Tom Payne at Walker Stalker Nashville to talk Season 8 (and he did NOT disappoint). Below are some excerpts from the interview so make sure to catch the entire piece on their site!

Coming off a season where our characters were divided and degraded Payne assured us Season 8 would be “completely different.” In fact, the new season starts off with a bang. “The first few episodes are out of this world amazing. We’ve all been getting them and going, ‘Wow, okay we thought that was amazing!’ and then the next episode is amazing. The audience is going to be very happy with the direction we’re taking. We’re all really happy.”


With All Out Way upon us what insanity can fans expect? Payne hinted at a particular scene that in his opinion will go down as “one of the iconic sequences in the show.” He wouldn’t budge on details, but did offer, “It’s a sequence that was shot which has never happened before in the show and I’m really excited to see it myself and for the audiences to see it.”

If you’re dying to watch the new season, you’re not alone. Payne concluded, “I’m super excited for October to come because I want to see stuff that’s been shot.” Catch the rest of the interview at CB.com (and the video below) and tell us in the comments what YOU’RE most excited to see in the new season.