We’ve listed Carol’s top moments from The Walking Dead show! Read ’em and let us know what you think:

10. Pookie.

There. We said it. That moment made everyone squee, but more importantly it was a succinct and adorable way to sum up Carol’s complex relationship with Daryl. And it made everyone squee.

9. Arm the Children

arm kids
In Season 4, Carol was often the foil to Rick, and there’s no moment that better illustrates this than when she covertly goes against Rick’s wishes and turns story time into a self-defense class. Even though Farmer Rick just wants to plant potatoes or something, Carol knows its necessary that the kids know how to protect themselves… even if that means losing a little innocence.

8. Dead Ed


Carol has come a long way from the meek wife she was back in the first season, and one of the most significant steps forward was after Ed’s bitten. Rather than let Daryl deal the final blow to Ed’s head, Carol steps in and lets loose all of her bottled up frustration, hacking away at Ed’s head with a pickaxe. This is the hidden rage that fuels Carol, and will help her survive.

7. Getting Let Go

carol leaves

Though burning the bodies of the sick may have been an extreme reaction to the prison flu, Carol showed just how far she was willing to go to protect her newfound family. However, Rick didn’t quite see it that way. When Carol receives the news that Rick won’t allow her to return to the prison, she takes it with as much grace as possible. Meanwhile, we all flipped a bunch of tables.

6. Cherokee Rose


This is one of Carol’s moments of true vulnerability, when she opens up to Daryl and he tells her the story of the flowers that grow along the Trail of Tears. Carol at her weakest is why we love her at her strongest.

5. Terminus Rescue


The spotlight is usually on Carol for emotional struggles rather than physical ones, so when she gets to be a heroic badass in the Season 5 premiere “No Sanctuary,” it’s explosive for more than just rocket-launcher-related reasons.

4. Finding Sophia


After an entire season of painstakingly searching for Sophia, Carol finds that her daughters has turned. Her entire world shatters. It’s one of the hardest scenes to watch in the entire series, but it’s an unforgettable moment.

3. Agent Carol


Is there anything more satisfying than when Carol gives up her gun and pretends not to know how to use it? It’s the ultimate, ironic twist: she’s pretending to be exactly who she was at the start of The Walking Dead.

2. Cookie Monster


When Sam stumbles on Carol stealing weapons from Alexandria’s weapons locker, she offers him a choice: tell anyone, and he’ll wake up outside Alexandria tied to a tree. Keep her secret, and he’ll get cookies. This moment is so fantastic not just because it’s funny and a little bit terrifying, but because it’s a culmination of everything we’ve seen Carol endure.

1. Look at the Flowers

No moment better exemplifies Carol’s inner strength. Her decision to kill Lizzie is incredibly tragic but unavoidable, echoing back to when she lost Sophia, and serves as a pivotal choice that continues to define her character.

BONUS: Shut it down

When Carol corrects Axel’s assumption that she’s a lesbian, he replies, “My, my, this is interesting.” But Carol quickly and confidently shuts it down. “No, it’s not.”


What did you think of our ranking? Did we miss anything? Do you think that our top moment was really the top!? Comment below and let us know!

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