We’ve listed Carl’s top moments from The Walking Dead show! Read ‘em and let us know what you think:

5. Crackshot

The only thing more satisfying than Rick killing Shane was Carl taking him out after he turns. After two season of coddling (I mean, can we blame his parents?) this is the moment where Carl emerges as a child of apocalypse, able to adapt and survive.

4. What Are We Going To Do About Rick?

All of Season 3 & 4, Carl has been gunning for independence, but when the prison goes down and then Rick falls ill, Carl’s self-sufficiency is put to the test. He scavenges (pudding) and fends off walkers, but what really resonates is the moment when Carl yells at his dad, revealing all of his insecurities and worries with Rick at death’s door.

3. Oh Baby

When Carl and Rick (mistakenly) think Judith is dead upon discovering her bloody baby carrier, the contrast in their reactions is devastating. While Rick breaks down, Carl just stands there, unable to process it after all of the tragedy he’s had to endure.

2. Reunited

When Carl first sees Rick approaching the camp outside of Atlanta, his face lights up. In that smile, we can see so clearly everything Rick has been fighting. Carl runs for his father’s arms and–what’s this? There must be something in my eye…

1. Mother’s Day

In what must be the most heart breaking AND gruesome scene in the entire series, Carl is forced to kill his mother, Lori, after she just barely manages to give birth to Judith. It’s perhaps the hardest choice a character has ever been faced with on The Walking Dead, and Carl handles it as best he can.

What did you think of our top picks? Any particular Carl moments that you think deserve to be in the Top 5 but weren’t? And which character would you like us to cover next? Comment below!

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