We’ve listed Glenn’s top moments from The Walking Dead show! Read ‘em and let us know what you think:

5. The Escape Artist

In Season 3, after Merle interrogates Glenn for information on the group, Merle leaves beaten-up Glenn tied to a chair and unleashes a walker to finish him off. But Glenn’s specialty is getting out of difficult situations, and he shines once again as he overcomes all odds to break the chair and use it to fend off the walker.

4. One of the Fam

I dare you to name a moment more touching than when Hershel finally accepts Glenn and gives him his pocket watch. Glenn has fought so hard for Maggie, and to see Glenn moved by this gesture tugs on our heart strings and reminds us why he is simply the best.

3. Pizza Boy

In Season 1, Glenn is explaining to the group how they’re going to get the bag of guns back. He’s clearly the savviest survivor in the group, and is incredibly good at adapting to the apocalypse. When Daryl asks him what he did for a living before this, Glenn surprises everyone: “Delivered pizzas. Why?” In this moment, Glenn reminds us all that society doesn’t determine our worth.

2. Stepping Up

When Rick wants to turn back and murder every living soul in Terminus, it’s Glenn who steps in and tells him to back down. Glenn is often the moral compass of the group, but in this moment we’re reminded that he’s also a leader who knows when to speak his mind.

1. With This Ring

To propose to Maggie, Glenn cuts a ring off a walker and gives it to her. It’s such a simple, sweet moment, but also so Glenn in that it’s both honest and clever. In an interview, Steven Yeun said, “I think the wedding was when I passed her the ring… we’re married regardless of whether some ceremony exists or we’re notarized by some public official, it’s just that we’re together.”

What did you think of our top picks? Any Glenn moments we’re missing that you think deserve to be in the Top 5? And which character would you like us to list next? Comment below!