Here’s our list of the top 5 moments for Michonne on The Walking Dead show! Read ‘em and let us know if you agree or if anything is missing:

5. Bye Bye Governor

Michonne has a lot of good reasons to hate the Governor, so when it’s her katana that finally ends his life we couldn’t help but give a little cheer. That moment feels like swift justice.

4. Crazy Cheese

Okay, it’s not really about the cheese, it’s about seeing a lighter side of Michonne. Her blossoming relationship with Carl proves that even after so much isolation (both before finding Andrea and after the prison falls) Michonne is a complex character who can still find joy and hope in this apocalyptic world.

3. Enter Michonne

After saving Andrea, a hooded figure stands over her, armed with a sword and two walkers leashed on chains. Michonne’s mysterious introduction at the end of Season 2 is one of the moments from The Walking Dead that is impossible to forget.

2. No Rest for the Katana

Michonne wants to believe in Alexandria and the return to normal life that it promises, so she disarms and mounts her katana on the wall. However, after Pete’s disastrous rampage, Michonne chooses at the last second to sheath it instead. This is the moment when we see her come to terms with what she’s been struggling with all season. The world isn’t safe enough yet to put away her weapon, and so Michonne and her katana are reunited.

1. Don’t cry

This moment slays me. In the prison, Beth passes off Baby Judith to Michonne, who looks incredibly uncomfortable. At first the beat is kind of funny—Michonne is being so awkward!—but as she holds Judith she begins to sob. This moment is Michonne at her most vulnerable, giving us a rare glimpse into her past.

What did you think of our top picks? Any particular Michonne moments that you think deserve to be in the Top 5 but weren’t? Which character to you want to see next? Comment below!