10. Lizzie and Mika, girls with guns (408)

While we don’t know exactly what’s in store for these girls, it looks like they’re growing up to be pretty ruthless and slightly terrifying. It was chilling when they took charge in the Season 4 mid-season finale, who knows what will happen to them next!

9. The reveal of the Governor watching the prison (405)

We knew he was coming back, but what a way to make an impression!

8. The roof gives away and zombies plummet through the ceiling (401)

Our favorite zombie gag of the season so far! Such a cool idea, and the visual execution was flawless. It was quite literally raining zombies… doesn’t get much better than that.

7. Martinez gets the axe (well, the golf club) (407)

Did not see that coming. And then when the Governor hauls him over to the pit? A bad way to go, and a perfect way to signal that Brian was no more. The Governor was back in business.

6. Megan gets bitten by a mud walker while playing (406)

First Penny, then the Penny look-a-like. Ouch. Even though we only new Megan for two episodes, this went straight to our hearts.

5. Maggie leaves Glenn on the bus (408)

But seriously. Heartbreaking.

4. Michonne katanas the Governor (408)

As fans of The Walking Dead comics know, Michonne has a good reason to deserve delivering that katana through the chest. It was just as satisfying as we wanted it to be.

3. Hershel gets chopped (408)

It was inevitable, but still heartbreaking. The moment was handled so well, and after the buildup of Hershel’s awesome character all season, it was even harder to see him go.

2. Michonne cries while holding baby Judith (402)

Watching Michonne protest and then awkwardly deal with Judith was already a great characterizing moment, but when the fearless Michonne she starts crying as she holds her… it was a beautiful and tragic moment, one where we didn’t need any words to understand so much about Michonne.

1. Rick leaves Carol behind (404)

It was shocking, it was controversial… it was the top moment from the first half of Season 4! Their heart to heart was brutal. In the end, Carol’s stoic confidence (“You don’t have to like what I did.”) could not sway Rick’s sentence and what was perhaps his hardest decision as a leader yet.