The second half of Season 4 has been intense. While we’re still processing everything, we’ve come up with our Top Ten moments from the latter part of the season as a follow-up to our post about our favorite moments from the first half of the season. NOTE: some moments from the final episode have been censored and will be filled in on Monday. For now, you’ll just have to use your imagination…

10. Abraham’s groups is introduced (410)

The epic shot, the perfect casting, and all of it a huge CLIFFHANGER to the episode! Especially for fans of the comic, this moment was one we had been waiting for all throughout Season 4.


9. Daryl burns down his past (412)

It was a metaphor that involved fire, and it was set to some great tunes. What more could you ask for? But seriously, delving deeper into Daryl and Beth was a breath of fresh air for the series, and watching them grow together and then flip off the blaze at the end was perfect.


8. Maggie goes to town with the No Parking sign (413)

We all knew she was a bad ass, but damn.


7. Carol is alive! And so is Baby Judith! (410)

It was like Christmas. For a time. See #2.


6. Exploring the creepy country club (412)

RICH BITCH. The hanging walkers. This sequence had some of the coolest imagery of the season and opened up a new part of the world of The Walking Dead.


5. Maggie & Glenn reunite! (415)

Also, when Glenn takes off running after seeing Maggie’s sign. Also also, when they burn the photo because they’ll never be apart. And then the kiss in front of the headlights!? There were a lot of feels, is what I’m saying.


4. Seeing Terminus for the first time (415)

Something is amiss, but when the group arrives at the end of “Us” it’s not quite clear what. Who is Mary, and why does she have so much BBQ? Is she the woman with the sunflowers from the house? Where is everyone!?


3.ย [SUPER SECRET 416 MOMENT] (416)

Oh. Man.


2. The Lizzie Incident (414)

Carol has had to go through so much, and now this!? It was shocking, it was controversial, it was heart-wrenching… it was ALMOST the biggest moment of the season!


1.ย [SUPER SECRET 416 MOMENT] (416)