I’ve been getting lots of tweets about this Toy Story vs The Walking Dead comparison. Even Hardwick is tweeting about it. I tracked down the redditor that made it, the very nice John Wray, and asked him if we could post on the site. He was totally game. John’s a writer, director, and animator (and Walking Dead fan, natch) and he’s co-creator of The Micros, an animated webseries about online poker.

And without further ado, here’s the much discussed Toy Story vs The Walking Dead comparison, “Zombie Story.”

00 Zombie Story

01 Hero

02 Misfits

03 Macho b

04 Loves Kid

05 Grows up

06 deputy

07 best friend

08 Stay Away

09 Fight

10 Kills Friend

11 backstabbin

12 technically

13 overwhelmed

14 disfigured

15 shambling corpses

16 waterhole

17 cowgirl

18 old guy

19 seen my ear

20 Gated community b

21 Kindly Leader

22 backs of trucks

23 safety

24 not as it seems

25 prison

26 driven mad

27 not goin

28 sleeping with enemy

29 interrogated

30 flunkie


32 prisonbreak

33 grateful

34 spoilers b

35 date with justice

36 one-eyed bart

37 Future

38 Waiting b

39 black and white

I don’t recall Andy having to kill the re-animated corpse of Buzz Lightyear, but I did fall asleep for a bit during Toy Story 3.
So what do you guys think? Did John miss any other similarities? I think it’s hilarious.