The Walking Dead’s own Governor David Morrissey now has a new role: hero. Except this time he isn’t playing a character; he’s shedding light on the Syrian refugee crisis that currently affects more than four million people.

Morrissey has been working closely with the UNHCR (United Nations’ Refugee Agency) in Greece to assist refugees escaping across the Mediterranean Sea from the Middle East and North Africa get to land safely.

Fleeing to Southeastern Europe from a Syrian Civil War turns out to be choosing the lesser of two evils. Even when the refugees make it to countries like Greece or Italy their living conditions still prove to be undesirable. “The conditions that they’re living in in Lesvos are quite disgusting. There’s nothing organized about them at all… it’s very squalid,” Morrissey said.

As a result of these harsh living conditions, Morrissey believes there should be more awareness and safety. “We know the situations that (the refugees) have come from and they’re fleeing from,” he said. “What we have to do is put into place some sort of sanctuary, some sort of healthy environment that they can arrive into.”

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To help, visit the UNHCR’s website.