Tyler James Williams, who plays newcomer Noah in the show, recently chatted with Entertainment Weekly about some interesting things. Highlights below!

On his character not being from the comics:

“It kinda sucks in the sense of …I was talking to [Michael] Cudlitz and Josh [McDermitt] and they were like, ‘The good thing about the comic is we can read it and at least have a good idea of where we’re going.’ As an actor you always want to know where you’re going so you can prepare for that. As Noah, I had no clue. There’s nothing. There’s no basis. There was speculation as to who Noah was. Gimple hasn’t given me any information. A lot of people think he’s Noah Cruz from Daryl’s game [Survival Instinct], but he’s like, ‘I can’t tell you either way.’ So it’s weird. I have no idea where Noah is going and what his function is going to be. If he’s going to fold into the group and if he is, what is his journey is going to be and what is he going to do for them? So, it’s different for everybody else in that way. Especially on the death end, because you have these iconic deaths that are in the comics that you are pretty sure they’re going to stick kind of close to because they’re huge. But then, for somebody like Noah, any day could be the day.”

On why he stole Daryl and Carol’s weapons:

“He’s not going to leave Beth behind. He’s willing to rob Daryl and Carol to go get her. Now, he doesn’t know who these beastly people are, but he’s trying to go back and get her and he’s willing to rob these people of way too many weapons that he can even carry to pull that off… He’s definitely trying to go back and het her out, but he just doesn’t have any weapons at this point. He has no firepower. He’s running around with a rusty knife, which is dangerous in itself. He’s trying to get a game-plan together to go back. This is a hiccup in his plan.”

On whether Daryl trusts Noah:

“I think Daryl trusts Noah about as far as he can throw him. He’s like, the only reason why he actually got a chance to rob me is because I didn’t keep my eye on him. So I think he knows, as long as I keep my eye on this kid, he’s fine. His intentions are good. He’s not just out here being malicious. He’s trying to survive and he’s trying to get back to Beth. We have a commonality. We’ll be fine, because Noah is not really that much of a threat to Daryl.”

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What do you think? Do you trust Noah?