It’s been a while since we updated this guide, and with a cover and release date for Volume 24, and with Compendium 3 coming out in October (the 13th, to be exact), we thought it was a good time to put out an issue to trade guide!

Every trade paperback volume collects 6 issues. Every hardcover “book” is 2 trade paperbacks, or 12 issues. And then there are the compendiums, which are each comprised of 48 issues (8 trade paperback volumes). Oh, and if you want to get fancy, we sell Deluxe Hardcover Onmibuses, which collect 24 issues (or 4 paperback volumes, or 2 hardcover books). The Omnibuses are over-sized editions which also include cover artwork and come inside a slipcase.

If you’re interested in reading the comics but don’t want to get ahead of the show, you’re good up through Volume 12: Life Among Them. Granted, the show and comic are far from a one-to-one match, but they share the same beats. Season 5 ends toward the end of Volume 13, but there are events at the end of Volume 13 that might be in Season 6, so if you want to stay totally fresh, don’t read too far past Volume 12.

Here’s how all the issues, volumes, books, omnibuses, and compendiums match up. Please note that as of post time, any release dates past August are tentative.