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Episode 312 Sneak Peek 7469 views
  • Chris Bigger

    Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait !!!!!!!!!

  • Bastet

    Oooo! That was COLD! But then I wouldn’t have expected it any other way!

  • Nigga

    The uploader has not made this video availbe in your country. WHY? I just want to see waht will happen in the next episode. Thats stupid

  • Ray Barnes

    Hurry up Sunday come on!

  • Ethan Coberley

    I love The Walking Dead!!! Its the best show ever! Even the best Zombie show ever! Lol

  • Chandler Wood

    poor guy… though I don’t think I would’ve picked him up either

  • Walking Dead Fan

    I love the Walking Dead. And they should have picked that guy up and not take his bags.


    i would love to watch the full episodes, but it says that the person who upload the video blocked mexico so i cannot watch it and it is a real good tv show please do something so we can all see it

  • sir smooth

    that was totally messed up