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Season 4 Trailer is Here! 9607 views
  • ellisa


    • officer friendly

      SAME HERE!!!!!!!!

  • officer friendly

    Season 4 is going to be so great just love the walking dead

  • Erick Santiago Rojas

    OMG I cant wait for season 4 its going to be aswome

    • laurenmatthew1617


  • lisa madison

    omg i just love the walking dead more then anything i have been trying to fing a way to watch this show since 2 weeks cause i just got dish and amc channle is just to expensive :( finally i found 2

  • deivid

    bo chupa pija traga semen por que bloqueaste el video para que no se pueda ver en uruguay hijo de puta anda a hacerte chupar la pija con la prostituta traga pija de tu madre

  • Deborah Fox

    My husband and I think Walking Dead is the best show around – we just wish we didn’t have to wait so long between the series, 1 of our cats is also mad about it – as soon as she hears the Title Theme Tune she gets on the cushion in front of the T.V. and doesn’t move till its over.

  • officer friendly

    If season 4 is gonna be close to the comics does tht mean carol will die in the prison…. I hope not shes 1 of my fav female characters