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37 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead

  1. dusr on said:

    Many thanks to the actors who do what they do so very very well. You have me invested heart and soul. We feel your pain, your fear, your exhaustion, your love for each other, your hope and your fleeting joys. Heartfelt thanks to the writers for remembering that the person following riveted this gnarly, woven rope of story/stories is a form of intelligent life. Lizzy’s subplot was fascinating. It would be great somewhere down the line to explore the subjectivity of the zombies without their losing their potency.



  2. selina lili on said:

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  3. Marina Schemmel on said:

    Awesome documentary. I hope Kirkman and Adlard keep on for a vey long time! This is my first comic series I’ve read, started with the show. HUGE Daryl fan, but fan of the whole cast really (still mourning Hershel’s death). But I love the comics and I hope Rick sees it out to the end, or as long as he can. Thanks for a great show/comic/addiction Kirkman, keep up the amazing work!!



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