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79 thoughts on “Trailer for Season 4 Return

    • not realy…. I have a page and not only AMC have thay trailer psoble tomorrow or late… other youtube chanel…. will have the TRAILERRRRRR
      look that AMC…. we are not form mars… we are people…



  1. Matt Descheny on said:

    If everybody watches the episode very closely, you can see Tyrese running, and holding something right before the tank blows up the walking bridge at the prison…what was he holding? Hmmmm?



    • Gavin Zawacki on said:

      Probably not, because in the comic, he gets shot in the Governor’s attack on the prison, and he takes some pills in a house with Carl. He sleeps in a coma for a few days, and then he wakes up and is all better. Don’t worry!
      Sorry if I just gave out a huge spoiler, but there’s no guarantees my theory will be correct.



      • Matthew Bell on said:

        I think you’re right on that one. Rick lost a lot of blood from his gun shot wound to the leg, and eventually passes out. Maybe Carl will scavenge for antibiotics, and run into ‘the hunters’.



  2. thewalkingdeadfanatic2 on said:

    i think carl is gonna blame lizzie for the death of judith- who can blame him?

    i however, do not believe that we have fully said good bye to the baby.
    bob was bleeding, so he might have just picked her up and bled in the carrier.

    i think lizzie is going to kill mika- i dunno why. then i think carl will find out and kill lizzie.

    wouldnt it be funny if they decided to throw some aliens into this show?

    be like the movie signs, but instead it is showrunner rick yelling “I’m INSANE WITH ANGER!”

    only signs fans will get that.



  3. thewalkingdeadfanatic2 on said:

    Most sunday nights, i relax. waaaayy over eat, and stay up much too late. i end up wanting to sleep on my couch, cause its just so darn comfy.
    But in this large gap of time, waiting so long for the walking dead to return, has my night screwed up. there is a pit of anxiety in the bottom of my heart; in fear that negan will pop up, or that a walker will kill daryl- or worse, my favorite, carl. i know that nobody is safe- i wish they were though. i wish i could pick out the ones to live. but i trust the writers. it would get people rioting if they made a wrong choice. i know it would not be the same show if everyone lived, but i need some to live. after hershel died, i was sad. i had predicted that judith would be dead, but it made her death no-less sorrowful. but i need the walking dead back. i wish they could bump the date up to febuary second. after all, if they have the commercials for it ready, they must have it ready to show. i wonder if enough people like this post, than they will move it up sooner…. worth a try :)



      • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 on said:

        *Que scary music* dun dun duuuuu! Hopefully, my parents will let me audition for the walking dead soon, so I actually wouldn’t be waiting. That all depends on the circumstances. But if I do make it on the show, I’ll be sure to fill you in on all of s season 5′s info!



        • Uh, uh, Chickie! I know you got a thing for spoilers, but you keep ‘em to yourself! lol! I’m still rooting for ya! When the comic con hits ATL, I’m gonna find you out at the table & you gotta sign something for me!!



          • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 on said:

            kk! but first i gotta get on. but you will have to find me there. It might be at least a year or so before i pop up….but i hope that i will!!! i might just be a zombie, so i probably wont be featured at comicon…unless they decide carl needs a love interest…..muhahahahahahah

            i understand a lot of people arent fond of spoilers…but if you ever wanted to know….

            hey, i could sign your tv!!!!!




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