It occurs to me that we haven’t traditionally done discussion posts for trades, which is ridiculous given how many people read the trades and not the issues. So here we go, a discussion post for Volume 19, which is out today!

Volume 19 covers issues 109-114 (116 JUST came out today, that’s crazy, you’re so close to caught up!) and contains the story arc immediately preceding the mega-size arc All Out War. There’s so much in here!

-Michonne meets Ezekiel and we learn more about him.
-Jesus stops a traitor and just generally acts like a badass.
-Gregory is pervy.
-Eugene wonders if making ammo is really the way to peace.
-Spencer finally gets his.
-Rick tries to take out Negan.
-Shiva finally chomps someone.
-Andrea gets the crap beaten out of her.
-Jesus convinces Rick of how important he is (or tries).
-Negan realizes that war is coming.
-And way, way more.

So what did you guys think of Volume 19: March to War?! And what’s going to happen next?