Man, you volume readers have been missing out! But now you get all of the ALL OUT WAR goodness in one big chunk!

Here’s a gross simplification of what happened in this volume:
Rick, Andrea, and Carl grow tighter.
Rick and the Survivors launch their attack on Negan’s base.
Negan thinks he can turn The Hilltop against them. No such luck.
Rick uses Governor tactics against Negan and draws in a horde and then wrecks the fences.
Our group splits up to attack Negan’s outposts. While Rick and Jesus are successful (although Eric dies), Ezekiel is not. He loses men. His right hand man, Richard, dies and Shiva dies protecting Ezekiel. Ezekiel’s confidence is shattered.
Gregory returns to The Hilltop after betraying them. Maggie knocks him on his ass and takes control.
Holly, taken captive by Negan, is returned to the group, hooded and restrained. Too late, the group learns she’s been turned. She takes a chunk out of Denise’s neck and Negan’s men attack with grenades, blowing Heath’s leg off.
Jesus is awesome as always. Dwight turns on some of Negan’s men and kills them, without betraying his double-agent status to Negan.
Maggie and people from The Hilltop arrive in time to push Negan into retreat.
Denise is able to save Heath, even though she’s been bitten.
Negan still believes he’s won given the damage he’s dealt to the Alexandria Safe Zone…

What did you guys think?!
Did Negan really deal a crippling blow?
Is Ezekiel down for the count?
How do the Survivors mount a comeback?
Is Shiva REALLY gone?!

Comment below, and the best comment, the one that adds to the discussion, increases the understanding of the reader, and is insightful or funny or thoughtful will win a signed Volume 20. NOT necessarily the one with the most upvotes!

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