Trade readers, this one’s for you! By now you should have had time to get your mitts on VOLUME 22: A NEW BEGINNING! A LOT goes down in this Volume. If you manage to avoid spoilers, then you must have been a bit shocked when over 2 years had passed since the end of ALL OUT WAR. Any of you manage to be surprised by that or had it been spoiled for everyone?

So Magna and her crew, what do you make of them? Are they acting eeeevil or are they just doing exactly what Rick would have done in their shoes?

Did Rick overreact on the road when that guard was lax on his detail? Is he becoming a true Ricktatorship or was that warranted?

How about Carl heading out on his own (or maybe it’s more like moving one town over where your aunt and the rest of your family live)? Will sparks fly between him and Sophia?

And let’s just get to it: those faux zombies! AKA The Whisperers. What the hell is up with them? We haven’t answered that in the comics yet so your guess is as good as ours!